Activities of the Bank

a)Financing short-term (agriculture) loans for crop production and marketing of crops and advancing Medium Term Loans for development of agricultural infrastructure such as lift irrigation, dairy, poultry, plantation, gobar gas etc.
b)Extending cash credit loans to processing, marketing and consumer co-operatives as well as sugar factories in Karnataka.
c)Advancing term loans to new co-operative/Private sugar factories under consortium arrangement in Karnataka.
d)Advancing working capital loans to sugar factories, state level cooperatives and to national level cooperatives such as IFFCO, KRIBHCO and to state level undertakings through consortium arrangements with commercial banks. 
e)Financing to non-farm sector for development of cottage industries, small scale industries and rural artisans and weavers.
f)To carry on general business of Banking like remittances of funds by DD, Mail Transfer, Collection of Cheques and Drafts, issue of consumer loans, vehicle loans, housing loans, salary earners loans and gold loans and other banking activities to the members and customers.
g)To monitor the Inland Mutual Arrangement Scheme under which money remittances and collection of bills and cheques are facilitated between member banks The Bank is a member of All India Mutual Arrangement Scheme, whereby money remittances could be made and DDs issued as well as Bills and Cheques sent for collection throughout India. Similarly, Mail Transfers and Bills Collection are facilitated from any part of the country to Apex Bank.