Safe Deposit Lockers

Safe Deposit Lockers

The Bank offers Safe Deposit Lockers to it's customers. Any person who is having an account/is a customer of the Bank can hire a Safe Deposit Locker from the Bank. Lockers can be hired in single name or jointly.

Operation of the Locker

A locker can be hired in the name of an individual (in which case, he/she will be the sole operator of the locker) or in joint names, which can be operated jointly or severally (E or S) as specified by the hirers at the time of hiring the locker or from time to time.

Terms and Conditions

1)Any person hiring a locker should submit the dully filled in Locker Application along with the Locker Agreement in the required format and two photographs of the Locker hirers.
2)The Locker hirer should make a fixed deposit, which is linked to lockers and cannot be withdrawn.
3)The rent is payable strictly in advance every year on or before the due date.
4)The hirer can have access to his locker during transaction hours on all working days of the Bank.
5)It is the responsibility of the Locker hirer to pay the locker rents as applicable depending on their Locker size and also as fixed by the Bank from time to time.
6)Nomination facility is available.
7)Locker keys should be kept safely, failing which, all charges for opening the locker and replacing the lost keys shall be borne by the Locker hirer.
8)This facility may be availed for safe keeping of all your valuables.