Apex Women

Apex Women

Loan sanctioned to women to meet their genuine personal needs like buying household articles, gifts and jewellery.


To meet genuine personal needs like buying household articles, gifts, jewellery other than speculative purposes.


Women between 18 and 55 years both existing & new customers.
Married or single.
Working or non working women.
Defaulters under any scheme are not eligible.


For Working women

10 months Gross (OR) Rs.1,00,000/-, whichever is less.
Minimum take home salary to be 40% of gross salary.
If an business, gross annual income not less than Rs.1.50 lakhs.

Non working women

Max. Rs.50,000/- IT Payee.
Gross income of family not less than Rs.1.00 lakhs.
Higher amount can be considered with co-obligation of husband/parent.
She can be entrepreneur, running beauty parlor, Nursery women, bonsai, boutique.
In case the income from rent, in such cases the property must be in the name of borrower.


No collateral to be insisted.
In case of non working women if loan amount is above Rs.25,000/- up to Rs.50,000/-, co-obligation of husband/parent to be obtained.


24 to 36 months EMI.

Rate of Interest:

11.00 % per annum.

Processing Charges:

0.50 % of loan amount.

Pre-Closer Charges:

1.00% on outstanding balance.


Application Pronote/Pronote covering letter.
Photograph of the borrower/co-obligant.
Salary certificate/ITAO.
Proof of address, proof of income.