Apex Retail

Apex Retail

The loan for petty traders.

Limit of Loan:

Maximum up to Rs.50,000.

Rate of Interst:

13.00 % per annum

Pre-Closer Charges:

1.00% on outstanding balance.


Enterprises established mjainly for providing services for selling of goods on commission basis, booking, clearing and forwarding agents, petty traders like Grossery, Cloth, Xerox.
Operation of business for atleast 1 year.
Filling of Income Tax Returns.
All the transanction must be rooted through C/A maintained with our Bank only.
0.50 % of loan amount should be collected towards processing fees.


Hyptothecation of Stock and one co-obligant.

Documents Required:

Photograph and Residence Proof of the Borrower and guarantor.
If you are a salaried person latest salary slip for 3 months.
If you are a businessment/Professional/Self Employed last two years.
Profit & Loss account and balance sheet.
Guarantors latest salary slip/latest I.T.returns.