Cash Credit Facility

Cash Credit Facility

This loan is for helping traders to carry on business by availing working capital facility from the Bank.

Maturity Facility:

Overdraft/Stock in trade loan.


Maximum of Rs. 100.00 Lakhs

Rate of Interest:

14.00% per annum.

Penal Interest:

2.00% will be charged on overdue amount.

Processing Charges:

1.00% of the limit sanctioned.

Pre-Closure Charges:

1.00% on outstanding balance.


Stock in trade.
Collateral security of urban immovable property mortgaged to the Bank with 200% value of the limit sanctioned based on guidance valuation.
Eligible loan amount outstanding should not exceed 60% of the stock intrade or 50% of the guidance value of the propoerty mortgaged, whichever is lower.